Welcome to the web site of Saint Joseph Church in Denver, Colorado!
Please take a listen to our recordings, and a look at the latest photos, church news, monthly Holy Mass schedule, church bulletin, as well as Sunday School homework assignments.
We also opened a new separate site for the Polish School.

About this Site

Saint Joseph's Church web site in its' current form has been maintained since 2004 by Andrew Krzywdziński. The original web site was created in 1999 by Greg Tokarski. That site was run on a free server and contained HTML files with many photographs of the church and church events.
In order to make the site easier to maintain, and open it up to a larger audience, we decided to start a new site, with its own domain name, and a capability of displaying dynamic pages based on a database. We wanted the site to always display current news, and organize it so that the updates could be made by other interested parties, aside from the web administrator. We wished to maintain the site in proper Polish language, with all required Polish characters, and also offer an English version.

To construct the new site, we used some materials (mostly text) from the original site. We would like to thank Greg for his work, and invite him to a potential collaboration in the future.

I would like to note that since the site is currently updated by many parties, as webmaster, I am in no way responsible for the accuracy or legality of the information or news displayed here. This information or news may also not accurately reflect the official views of our parish, parishioniers, pastor, or the Catholic Church in general. 

Please address all comments, suggestions, and information about potential errors on the site to the webmaster. We apologize ahead of time for any errors hiding on the site. The webmaster donates his personal time to maintain this site, and there always exists a possibility of missing something (especially Polish characters). Many people update the site content (homework, news), so it is challenging to have everything look perfect.

Contributions in the form of photographs and descriptions/articles relating to the church or school are very welcome! We will try to incorporate these materials into the site, but are not promising anything. Please contact the webmaster before investing time into a project of such nature.

Content (text and photos) from our site may be used for other purposes, but only after contact with us and obtaining our permission before such use, as well as giving our site proper credit as the sole original owner and author of such content, in compliance with copyright laws ©.

We try to make sure that the site works properly on the most popular browsers. Google Chrome, FireFox/Mozilla, WaterfoxOpera, Safari and Internet Explorer (9+) should always work well. We are not able to check the functionality or display quality in other browsers not mentioned above. For best viewing experience, your browser should have JavaScript and cookies enabled. We recommend screen resolution of 1024x768 or above.

The revenue from the ads shown on our site is used to fund the necessary expenses of hosting the site, and the rest is used for the benefit of the church.

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