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School History

School building The Polish School was opened in 1926 thanks to the hard work of Father John Guziński, who built the current school building. It was a tuition-free school, staffed by the Sisters of Saint Joseph, an order of nuns. The school provided 8 elementary grades, and it was also open to the children of non-parishioners. In the first year of existence, the school boasted an enrollment of 151 students. The school operated until the early 70s, when the lack of funds and inflation forced Father Frączkowski to make a tough decision to close the school.

The school was closed for a long 24 years. In 1993, the visit of Pope John Paul II in Denver was the event which inspired the parishioners to re-open the school. In 1994, the school started offering classes again every Sunday, under the guidance of Richard Lewandowski and Mary Lis, and from 1997 to 2017 under the guidance of Stanley Gadzina. The current school director is Małgorzata Grondalski, who was elected by the parents in 2017.

Currently, the Polish School teaches Polish language, geography, culture, and history to children of Polish descent born in the USA. We also organize various fieldtrips and celebrations of Polish national holidays, in order to expose the children to the culture of our ancestors.