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Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus is a Catholic, fraternal, mutual aid organization of men. It was established to provide financial assistance to members and their families. Members and their families, help each other in the event of sickness, disability, and in every need. An intellectual and social relationship is formed among the Knights of Columbus through joint work in charitable, educational, religious and social fields.

Knights of Columbus are based on four pillars of our Order:





These four pillars indicate the goals and ideals to be satisfied by any Knight of Columbus.

If you are a man and meet all the following conditions, do not wait - contact us!

Together we will create the Polish Council of the Knights of Columbus at St. Joseph parish in Denver, Colorado.

Knight of Columbus qualifications:

1. Men 18 years of age or older
2. Deeply religious and a practicing Catholic of the Roman Catholic Church
3. Feel an inner need to help others and deepen his faith
4. Invited by another Knight


- Open heart to do good
- Faith, Hope, Love

We meet every second Wednesday of the month immediately following the evening Mass at approx. 19:45 - in the school.

Here you enter the official website of the Knights of Columbus.